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Why Use e-bims?

e-bims is a cost-effective solution to the storage and access of building information. e-bims offer a complete service. We can identify, survey and co-ordinate any or all aspects of your buildings' information to produce a building database. This service will help you to maximise resources as well as helping to remove many back office duties.

We can help ensure that your database stays up-to-date and always contains your latest documentation.

The e-bims service will bring benefits to your organisation in the following areas:


Centralise and Standardise Information - Information can come from many different sources and companies, all of whom have their own way of creating and presenting documentation. e-bims will compile and standardise all of this information to be displayed in the most efficient way through the e-bims portal. Users will only been given rights to move, modify or delete information if requested by the client.

Access Anytime, Anywhere - e-bims is accessed through the internet so is available to users anytime, anywhere.

Peace of Mind - Giving the e-bims team the responsibility of managing your building information enables clients to concentrate their efforts on core business requirements.

No More Lost or Damaged Information - Every document is stored in digital form with backup copies created. Hard drives are also issued to clients with an exact replica of the agreed folder structure and files featured within the web portal.

Third Party Access - Clients can easily and safely allow access to service providers and design teams to specific building information as and when required.


Searching Facilities

Simple to Use - The creation of the folder structure and relevant “tags” with the client ensures that the information can be navigated in the most logical manner based on the needs and requirements of the client. Training is also given to users after the upload of information. These sessions can be tailored to suit any aspect of the portal that the client considers to be particularly important.

Optical Character Recognition - Every document goes through an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process which allows powerful searches to be conducted on the text within documents for both scanned and digital documents.



Mobilise Your Engineers - e-bims can be accessed via any web enabled device meaning engineers can access the same information on-site as they can in the office.

Easy to update - Site engineers can easily submit document modifications by “redlining” areas requiring amendments.



No Software Cost - No installation or maintenance costs as access to e-bims is via the internet. This also means that there is no installation or setup needed at the client’s site.

Inclusive License - Inclusive license allows a user 5 concurrent logins to the e-bims portal at any one time.

No Data Storage Cost - There is no cost or on-going charges for your data to be stored, just our time to process your building information. You can store as much of building information as you like!

No support charges - The friendly support team at e-bims are always available to help with any questions or queries.



Secure Storage - e-bims runs across HTTPS encrypting data from our servers to your devices

Improved Security - Access to documents can be controlled at document level allowing the client to give users access to only the documentation that is relevant to them.

e-bims and JDP are trading names of JD Partnership Ltd  
Registered Office: 31 Wood Lane Sonning Common Reading RG4 9SJ Registered in England No: 3072473  
Based in Reading with offices in London as well as associated offices in Harrogate and Glasgow